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new plugin – stats for plugin developers

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I’m back at writing plugins, this time I wanted a simple way of displaying all the plugins I developed on my website, so I decided to dive in the API documentation to understand how could I do to get a list of all the plugins I have, hosted on the Plugins directory for WordPress.

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New WordPress plugin: danixland contact form

I even made a cool looking banner for the plugin’s page on

And here we are. Another WordPress plugin is coming to life.

This time I was looking for a simple contact form to use on a customer website, and after a little testing I decided it would have been much more interesting to build one myself so, after just a couple of weeks, my contact form is ready to hit the Plugin Directory on

It’s actually waiting for review but if everything goes well it should be out in the wild in the next few hours.

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danixland-countdown is a simple plugin that adds a widget that you can load on your sidebar which will show a simple countdown to a future date that you can set. this plugin makes use of a simple css stylesheet that you can enable or disable at will. You can also link the countdown to whatever url you want.

Installation is very simple and straightforward, you can find the plugin in the plugin directory, straight from your WordPress admin area, or you can download it from the website and manually upload it to your WordPress install.

This plugin ships with the font used in Calculator-7 byย styleseven, it’s free for home use.

It’s a very simple plugin after all, anyway, if you need help with it just let me know in the comment box below and I’ll do my bestt to help you.

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Sviluppando nuovi plugin

Oggi stavo dando un’occhiata alla plugin directory di WordPress alla ricerca del plugin utilizzato su per permettere ai visitatori di un sito di iscriversi e ricevere una email ogni volta che un nuovo post viene pubblicato e con mio sommo rammarico ho scoperto che non รจ stato reso pubblico per gli utenti di Ci ho pensato un attimo e ho deciso di provare a scriverlo io.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ restate in attesa di aggiornamenti.. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Ecco qualche immagine presa direttamente dal sito di prova su cui sto sviluppando il plugin, dategli un’occhiata!