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baking programs

Compiling programs always feels like you’re baking a cake, you look for it, check the dependancies and then run the slackbuild, leave your computer to go grab a drink and when you come back you see an error, checking for it you notice you’ve forgotten a dependency, it’s like you put your cake in the oven, starts cooking and after a while you go “oh shit, I forgot to add sugar to the dough“.

I’ve been compiling a couple programs in the past few days and I’ve ended up patching them a lot, to compile audacity I had to go around and add 6 patches before the script managed to compile correctly, and today with qpdfview it was the same, still dependancy errors but in the end I made it work and let me tell you, when you come back to your PC and the script has ended and it says the program is installed it’s almost like you could smell it, your freshly baked cake waiting for you to enjoy it…

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LXDE su BlueWhite64 12.2… Adesso ce l’abbiamo!!

LXDE logo

La notte appena trascorsa è stata una notte intensa e ricca di sorprese… Non l’ho passata tuttavia in dolce compagnia ma a compilare, il Desktop Environment LXDE per la precisione… 😉