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GIT – how to setup your own server

Hello everyone,

I recently decided to move all my code under GIT, I’ve used it before and I’ve used also SVN, but I find GIT to be more straightforward in some aspects.

In order to use git I needed a place online where to store my projects, and I thought that github could be a good place, but the fact that you have to pay to keep a project private just didn’t sound right in my opinion. Of course github is there to make money (specially now that M$ bought it), but I prefer to have a simpler setup and be able to do things my way as much as possible.

So I started planning what I wanted my git server to have. Here’s a list:

  • Security – I decided to make it work only under ssh, that way only someone who has the key can clone or access the repository. I also added an unprivileged git user that has only access to very few commands, so even if somebody manages to access through ssh he’ll find himrself with only very few options available.
  • Notifications – my server already tells me a lot of what happens, so I wanted my git service to do the same. I implemented a mail service that notifies me every time a new repository is added or everytime there’s a push to a repository.
  • Automation – I wanted to have less steps possible between creation of the project and deployment to production. Now in two steps I can create a repository and clone it to my local computer, and when I’m done I just need to push my modifications and the code is deployed automatically.
  • Visibility – I haven’t yet decided if I want my code to be visible, so I haven’t even started thinking about this possibility.
code diy linux

dropbox and cloud storage

Oggi ho iniziato ad usare dropbox, un sistema di cloud storage con client per varie piattaforme, tra cui quelle che interessano a me 🙂 linux e android..

Il funzionamento è abbastanza semplice, ci si registra sul sito, si scarica e installa un demone che girerà in background e avrà il compito di sincronizzare una determinata directory sul nostro pc con un server presente su internet, il tutto tramite connessione cifrata SSL, da li in poi basterà copiare un file nella directory controllata dal demone per ritrovare quello stesso file nella nuvola 😀