This website is danix’s ramblings, the place where I, Danilo ‘danix’ M. share my thoughts about computers, GNU/Linux and life in general.

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Active Collection of Informations

On the contact page of this website you will be asked for a specific purpose for your name, email address or other non-confidential information. Your answer to these questions is on a completely voluntary basis. This information is collected for the purpose of replying to your inquiries and to improve the information to you, the user. Further information can also be used for spam filtering by automated systems

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Passive Collection of Informations

I do not collect domain data for the purpose of analysis on site through any external services. The web server that is running this website stores IP addresses in a log file but these are not connected to any PII, The only use I have for this information is to block potential hackers from breaking into the system.


Comments are disabled on this website, the only way to interact with me is by submitting a message through the contact form.

Who I share your data with

I don’t sell your data to anyone, nor I exchange it for services or any other good. Your privacy is my major concern.

How long your data is retained

I will keep a copy of the messages I receive for as long as it is required in order for me to reply to such messages.


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How to disable third party services cookies

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