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advertising is SHIT
I hate ads. They’re coarse and rough and irritating and they get everywhere.

With this simple concept in mind I decided not to include ads of any kind inside

Websites nowadays are becoming one huge billboard, every single pixel is sold to the highest bidder and many times the ads you see aren’t relevant at all, if not disturbing.

That’s why I decided to go against the flow and keep as tidy as possible, no popups, no banners, no flashing texts, iframes, nothing at all. I pay every single penny that this website costs with my own money.
The only exception to this rule is the referral link for hostus, my hosting company. I included their link as a referral because the company is great, I’ve used their support service a few times and they were outstanding, their pricing is awesome and they also include Slackware as a distro you can install in your VPS. What else can you ask for?! Seriously check them out, and by clicking on that link you’ll support me and help pay the hosting for this site.

I know this idea may sound weird but I am deeply convinced that the web should be as usable as possible, we shouldn’t need to install antivirus software, popup blockers or adblockers of any kind, we should be able to go to any website and enjoy the content without being forced to read about other stuff that we don’t need nor are interested in.